Why has the android box become so popular?

There has been much discussion about the android TV box or android box as they are called over the last few months. An android box can be used to browse the internet, access social media apps, access music apps such as soundcloud and of course they can be used to stream live TV both legally and illegally. This has caused much controversy in the newspapers over the last while as they have become so popular and many people are using these instead of paying for traditional TV services. They have become so popular because all of the content is on the demand and that is where society is heading over the last decade. Everything is on demand and even traditional TV channels such as Channel 4 have made their own demand service with other services such as Sky TV following suit.

android box m8s You can use the android box to browse popular apps such as Netflix and most come installed with the open source entertainment system called Kodi which is also quite controversial. Kodi itself is perfectly legal but it can be used to run illegal add ons that allow people to stream TV on demand and movies for free.In saying that though a laptop can also be used for this as can a phone and there is no controversy over the availability of these products and rightly so.

In our opinion it is the TV stations that are behind the times and it is easy to point the finger at new technologies for their drop in ratings but they failed to keep up with the fast progressing tech world and they only have themselves to blame. With their large budgets they should have been investing in their own version of the android box or come up with some sort of app allowing people to view their programs on demand.

The New Openbox V9S is finally available in Ireland!

So for those of you who are familiar with freesat TV the openbox is a well known freesat receiver that allows you to get free to air UK channels. The older model was the openbox V8S which was at an affordable price and a fairly good box which led to it becoming really popular over the last few years. It was however starting to become outdated as it did not have built in WIFI capability or any storage of it’s own so you could not record TV shows directly on to the box. The openbox V8S has a score of 4.8/5 from over 300 reviews on ebay which is amazing for such an affordable product.

Openbox V9S

The Openbox V9S is the long awaited upgraded version and is available for much the same price (under €100!) and has built in WIFI capability so you can do upgrades directly on to the box from the openbox servers. This is a much welcome and long awaited function as it also allows for IPTV access.

One thing to be aware of is that the boxes being sold on ebay are often being sold with illegal free satellite TV access. What this means is that people can access Sky television without paying for  a subscription which is of course illegal. We recommend using a well known supplier that is selling the boxes for their legit use only and found a Irish website selling the Openbox which are affordable and seem quite legit.