Should you use strips to whiten your teeth?

If you can present clean and white teeth, your smile will deliver more value.

A smile is a part of your impressive personality. Hence, you might want to

whiten your teeth to amplify your beauty and presentation. There are

various options to whiten your teeth. You are advised to choose the best

method so that you can make the most of your investment.

The Teeth whitening strips supplied by a reputed brand will deliver best

results and you will not suffer from side effects. Even though strips are

cost-effective, the choice should be exercised as per individual’s needs. As

you go for advanced whitening strips, you are likely to produce a dramatic

effect. In most of the cases, the results are expected in one week. The

impact of the treatment will last for 6 to 12 months. To prolong these

results, you might want to use whitening toothpaste as per your needs.

You are advised to avoid food items that can produce strain on your teeth.

The cost of the whitening product will be in between €15 and €30. Instead

of going for expensive laser treatment, you can go for whitening strips.

There are many whitening toothpaste in the market. The whitening strips

are costlier than whitening toothpaste.

The whitening strips should be used as per the guidelines given by the

manufacturer. You will want to use two strips for one treatment. One strip

should be placed on the top front teeth and another strip should be placed

on the bottom teeth. You should not place the strip meant for top front

teeth on the bottom teeth. The plus point is that you can wear these strips

while performing other tasks as well. The teeth whitening strips should not be

used on a long-term basis if your teeth are very sensitive.

Why has the android box become so popular?

There has been much discussion about the android TV box or android box as they are called over the last few months. An android box can be used to browse the internet, access social media apps, access music apps such as soundcloud and of course they can be used to stream live TV both legally and illegally. This has caused much controversy in the newspapers over the last while as they have become so popular and many people are using these instead of paying for traditional TV services. They have become so popular because all of the content is on the demand and that is where society is heading over the last decade. Everything is on demand and even traditional TV channels such as Channel 4 have made their own demand service with other services such as Sky TV following suit.

android box m8s You can use the android box to browse popular apps such as Netflix and most come installed with the open source entertainment system called Kodi which is also quite controversial. Kodi itself is perfectly legal but it can be used to run illegal add ons that allow people to stream TV on demand and movies for free.In saying that though a laptop can also be used for this as can a phone and there is no controversy over the availability of these products and rightly so.

In our opinion it is the TV stations that are behind the times and it is easy to point the finger at new technologies for their drop in ratings but they failed to keep up with the fast progressing tech world and they only have themselves to blame. With their large budgets they should have been investing in their own version of the android box or come up with some sort of app allowing people to view their programs on demand.

The New Openbox V9S is finally available in Ireland!

So for those of you who are familiar with freesat TV the openbox is a well known freesat receiver that allows you to get free to air UK channels. The older model was the openbox V8S which was at an affordable price and a fairly good box which led to it becoming really popular over the last few years. It was however starting to become outdated as it did not have built in WIFI capability or any storage of it’s own so you could not record TV shows directly on to the box. The openbox V8S has a score of 4.8/5 from over 300 reviews on ebay which is amazing for such an affordable product.

Openbox V9S

The Openbox V9S is the long awaited upgraded version and is available for much the same price (under €100!) and has built in WIFI capability so you can do upgrades directly on to the box from the openbox servers. This is a much welcome and long awaited function as it also allows for IPTV access.

One thing to be aware of is that the boxes being sold on ebay are often being sold with illegal free satellite TV access. What this means is that people can access Sky television without paying for  a subscription which is of course illegal. We recommend using a well known supplier that is selling the boxes for their legit use only and found a Irish website selling the Openbox which are affordable and seem quite legit.




What is an android tv box?

android boxAndroid TV boxes are small flat devices that use android hardware. These boxes can load high definition pictures at very high speeds, thus giving the viewer an enhanced television experience. Many of these boxes use android 4 and can work like any other android 4 hardware. You can download Android apps and games into these boxes and use the TV screen as a monitor. You can freely browse through online videos and install various android compatible media players. The navigation can be done either by using a touch pad or a wireless remote.

The hardware used in TV boxes

Android TV boxes generally use dual core ARM processors based on the Cortex A9 core and Mali 400 GPUs. Some of them use A5 cores as well. The Mali 400 is capable of handling 1080p videos and can decode a wide range of video formats giving high speed outputs. So you can easily watch live events in HD. Most of these boxes use 1 GB RAM, which is more than enough to support its functionalities.

Why choose android TV boxes?

These boxes also allow you to record and store TV shows and movies. They usually come with an internal storage capacity of 4 to 8 GB. The android TV boxes generally get the content from Google play store but can also derive content from third party streaming services. With these boxes, you can do a number of things on your TV apart. In fact, with internet connection provided, you can entirely use it as a computer. These boxes can enrich the experience of using high definition TVs. The greatest plus point is that these are great for family use and come at a much lesser price as compared to computers and smart phones. These boxes can help you cut the cost of your cable connection, while allowing you to choose from a wide range of movies, TV shows and live entertainment from all over the world. If you are based in Australia then our friends at sell a range of boxes and ship all across Australia.

iPhone 7 Review – Is it Worth it?

It’s late in the day so I shall get right to the point with this review. Apple released it’s iPhone 7 but it has flown under the radar in some respects. Perhaps the iPhone 6 Plus was unnecessary and I personally think that these two phones have been released to close together so it is hard to judge the iPhone 7 on it’s own merit. The iPhone 6S was also released last year so that is essentially 3 new iPhone’s in 12 months and they are certainly not cheap unless you want to get a refurbished iphone 6 from

The two things that standout on the new iPhone is the loss of a headphone jack which as you can imagine is going to be very annoying and the loss of the home button which has been replaced with a sensor. Although bluetooth devices such as headphones are becoming more popular they should still have kept the headphone jack for those of us who haven’t moved on with our lives. It appears Apple have lost the run of themselves as this phone is too close to the the iPhone 6S for my liking.

The new iPhone is of course good but not great and especially considering the price range of this phone I don’t think any of this is justified. There are no major changes in the phone and if I were you I would consider buying something more fun like a drone this Christmas and waiting for the iPhone 8 which should have more upgrades.






Special features of the Wireless Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have been facilitating us for a couple of time. Since they came in the market life has started to take musical turns. You can listen to the best music with the wireless speakers having such an impressive output quality that will make you fall for them. Many special features are now introduced in the Bluetooth speakers. Along with the conventional features of the Bluetooth speakers, there are more. Features that will blow your mind and seriously make you fall in love with them. Here are some of the special features of the Bluetooth speakers.

Best Quality

The Bluetooth Speakers from are offering the best sound system ever. The data is sent to the speaker through the special data bandwidth. This bandwidth is perfectly designed to let you have the data transferred without any interruption in the system.

Strong and reliable design

The wireless speakers are quite strong, and you cannot expect them to break until some extraordinary circumstances. They are quite hard and metallic. Despite looking so delicate, these speakers are really very strong.


You can take your speakers with you in the swimming pools and have the fun of the music under water. They can prevent the water from getting into them. This is a real bliss, and you do not have to worry about the water that will seep in your device.

Smaller size more than the bigger ones

The performance of the Bluetooth device cannot be questioned. The many great features of the Bluetooth speakers make them more popular than any other speakers. Even if they are of small size, the technology used in some nice that even the smallest can sound like a hi fi sound system.


The Bluetooth speakers can be rated as the most beautiful and perfectly shaped products. They have some unique designs and make everyone feel like it is some magical device.