iPhone 7 Review – Is it Worth it?

It’s late in the day so I shall get right to the point with this review. Apple released it’s iPhone 7 but it has flown under the radar in some respects. Perhaps the iPhone 6 Plus was unnecessary and I personally think that these two phones have been released to close together so it is hard to judge the iPhone 7 on it’s own merit. The iPhone 6S was also released last year so that is essentially 3 new iPhone’s in 12 months and they are certainly not cheap unless you want to get a refurbished iphone 6 from www.refurbishediphones.ie.

The two things that standout on the new iPhone is the loss of a headphone jack which as you can imagine is going to be very annoying and the loss of the home button which has been replaced with a sensor. Although bluetooth devices such as headphones are becoming more popular they should still have kept the headphone jack for those of us who haven’t moved on with our lives. It appears Apple have lost the run of themselves as this phone is too close to the the iPhone 6S for my liking.

The new iPhone is of course good but not great and especially considering the price range of this phone I don’t think any of this is justified. There are no major changes in the phone and if I were you I would consider buying something more fun like a drone this Christmas and waiting for the iPhone 8 which should have more upgrades.






Special features of the Wireless Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have been facilitating us for a couple of time. Since they came in the market life has started to take musical turns. You can listen to the best music with the wireless speakers having such an impressive output quality that will make you fall for them. Many special features are now introduced in the Bluetooth speakers. Along with the conventional features of the Bluetooth speakers, there are more. Features that will blow your mind and seriously make you fall in love with them. Here are some of the special features of the Bluetooth speakers.

Best Quality

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Strong and reliable design

The wireless speakers are quite strong, and you cannot expect them to break until some extraordinary circumstances. They are quite hard and metallic. Despite looking so delicate, these speakers are really very strong.


You can take your speakers with you in the swimming pools and have the fun of the music under water. They can prevent the water from getting into them. This is a real bliss, and you do not have to worry about the water that will seep in your device.

Smaller size more than the bigger ones

The performance of the Bluetooth device cannot be questioned. The many great features of the Bluetooth speakers make them more popular than any other speakers. Even if they are of small size, the technology used in some nice that even the smallest can sound like a hi fi sound system.


The Bluetooth speakers can be rated as the most beautiful and perfectly shaped products. They have some unique designs and make everyone feel like it is some magical device.